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Periodically, volunteers from the Grace Community Christian Reformed Church family partner with the Orland Park Christian Reformed Church and World Renew (formerly known as Christian Reformed World Relief) Disaster Response Services to provide new homes for families that lost their homes and possessions in disaster situations. Only through the grace of our Lord and the servant hearts of the many volunteers and coordinators from these two church families and CRWRC-DRS, and donations to help cover (most or in some cases, all) the cost of materials, are new homes made possible and families given new hope.

Information and/or Slideshows of some of the past projects are available below.
Some slideshows may have sound.

Caldwell, West Virginia 2017

78 year old Viola is a single mother of four who worked minimum wage jobs in a shoe factory and doing motel housekeeping to provide for her family. She purchased her home in 1980 within a few blocks of where she lived since the age of 3. Her children said they neber worried about having food, power, clothing or anything else they needed because she always paid every bill on time and consistently demonstrated her reliability to provide a safe and secure home.

After her children were grown and on their own, they tried to help her with the remaining mortgage, but she refused. For the last ten years, Viola's daughter, Mary, who at fifty-two is disabled, has lived with her. Viola made the final payment on her mortgage in May of 2015, just 13 months prior to a devastating flood. Fortunately, a relative called and warned of the rising water so that Viola and Mary were not in the house when the flooding occurred. They returned the next day to find their home and all of its contents ruined.

Since the flood, Viola and Mary have been living in an apartment in the neighboring town of Lewisburg and are anxious to return to their beloved Caldwell in the spring. There is much love in the family and tremendous respect for the lovely lady who heads it up. February 26, 2017 marked the final week of work building a new home for Viola and her daughter. They are now living in a newly built home that provides safety and comfort for them.

We praise God for the opportunity our volunteers have to go out into the world and help those in need. Our volunteers were humbled by the gratitude and gracious welcome they received from the Caldwell community, even though the devastation that still exists there is great. A local church provided a plae for volunteers to stay while there, and a restaurant owner and another local church provided many of their meals.

Bastrop County, Texas - 2014 DRS Project

The Rios Family

Jesus Perez and Socorro (Coco) Rios are a married hard working Hispanic couple with three teenage boys. They live in Bastrop County. The boys are Brian who is 18 years old and a Sr. in high school. Edgar is 15 and a sophomore and Jared is 13 and an 8th grader at the middle school.

Coco works 6 to 7 days a week as a waitress at a local Mexican restaurant. Jesus is a day labor maintenance and handyman.

On September the 4th a little after 2 pm a neighbor came running to the door of Jesus and Coco’s house screaming “get out now”. They only grabbed their keys, purse and vehicle. The traffic to get out was extremely intense and the fire was coming across the road. As Coco told me these events, 2 years later, tears were still streaming down her face. She said they were so scared and the boys were trying to be brave for their “Momma” but were so very afraid. They made it to the town of Giddings were held there for 10 hours and then slept in a Walmart parking lot.

They finally drove to Austin and stayed with friends for 3 days, at that point still not knowing the status of their home (no one in the community did) they knew they had to get back to work so they returned to Bastrop and stayed with friends.

Over the next 2 months they found a mobile home and purchased it. It was an unethical transaction in that the company took advantage of the situation and locked them in to an adjustable high interest rate mortgage. It seemed like the only option for this family and they signed it. They cannot afford the home, and realize they never could.

They qualify with long term recovery for funding aid on the building of a new house. They are seeking the Lord on their direction and are precious people. The unfortunate events around the mobile home are just that unfortunate.  We are praying for and with this family for a new start.  

Alabama 2012
Katrina House Project 2011-Biloxi, Mississippi
Katrina 2010 - Week One
Katrina 2010 - Week Two
Katrina 2010 - Week Three
Katrina 2010 - Week Four
Katrina 2010 - Week Five

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